How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win


Slot machine gambling provides numerous opportunities to players looking for ways to increase their chances of success. Some methods involve cheating – which is illegal and could land someone in jail – while other strategies may be more legal but don’t guarantee wins. Here we discuss some of the more popular tricks used to trick slot machines to gain an edge and win!

Before the advent of video slot gaming, people would try to cheat by using a small metal rod with string attached; they would use this device to trigger and steal coins from land-based slots machines.

This method, known as Monkey Paw, worked by triggering the coin hopper when players pulled levers or buttons on slot machines to trigger it. Although simple in its execution, casinos quickly identified and stopped using this strategy.

Magnet Hack

Another clever strategy for cheating slot machines was using magnets. This approach worked best on older machines with magnetic metal reels; cheaters would shine a light into the sensor that controlled slot payouts to disrupt its signal, leading to more wins than expected – leading them to lock their reels for additional wins – this tactic led many casino operators to ban magnets altogether today.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael became one of the most infamous slot cheats after inventing a light wand that would block a slot’s sensors, enabling him to trick it into awarding jackpots or other large payouts. Unfortunately, Carmichael would eventually be caught and as a result developers made their machines more secure.

Some players have used cell phones to record live slot machines. Once done, they would send this footage off to an accomplice who would interpret random number sequences and inform them when to click start in order to guarantee winning combinations. This practice was considered an extreme breach of casino security and most modern online casinos now prohibit it.

Although it’s tempting to think there’s an easy way to beat slot machines, winning at any game of chance requires both skill and luck. Don’t allow emotions or previous experience with slots influence your decision to play; rather, choose a casino that provides free play options so that you can familiarize yourself with the game system before investing real money into real money slots. That way, you have more chance at learning strategies that can lead to consistent wins with just some practice – and be on your way to life-changing slot winnings! Good luck!

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